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“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date” said the rabbit..

But just like rabbit, we all get to where we’re going – life’s next chapter in the grand adventure – ready to go and looking forward to it. As prepared as we can be, and joyfully improvising the rest!

So, welcome to my new website, an evolving process as much as a learning one, and to my regular column of news, cool happenings inside the studio and out, as well as information, updates and art suggestions, demos and inspirations. This is also the place to see new works before the rest of the world, including work in progress pictures and a description of my working process, new releases in the site shops and announcements.

Of course, there are a lot of fabulous new things to ohh and ahh about on the website and I definitely encourage you to check them out. Especially the selection of new prints on canvas (they look very nice on my wall and I’m sure they will look just as great on yours) and something new I’ve just begun to play with and offer to the world: my selection of hand painted play mats. Those of you who are into collectible card games like Magic: the Gathering know exactly what they are, but for the rest of you, just think of a mouse pad. Large enough to also hold a laptop. But with unique artwork on it. Painted in acrylics, each one is waterproof, durable, fine art quality and one of a kind.

All of these things are very exciting, but I’m almost more excited about a new direction which has opened up in my life. I’ve begun teaching college art classes. It’s been as rewarding as it is challenging and I’m very much looking forward to resuming classes in the fall. Who knew all those math and art classes would mesh so nicely… so far, I’m teaching colour theory, watercolour and acrylic painting, and perspective. With more to come, I’m sure. Although it has meant that my studio time is now concentrated during the summer break.

So, until next time, and before I run back to the paintings, here are a few examples of what has been going on inside the studio recently :

Twilight Hunt in the Recent Works gallery.

Underground Sea in the Hand Painted mats page.

Sinja’s World in Canvas Prints.

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