Artist’s Statement

I’ve always been fascinated with light and the way it can hide or reveal something, define a form or give depth and dimension to a scene. Whether its shapes and edges that dance from soft to hard and back again on a misty day, or the intense drama of dawn or a setting sun on a winter evening, painting for me is about how light, atmosphere and rhythm can tell a story, create a world and constantly show me new perspectives in even the most ordinary of scenes.


I work in both watercolour for its soft look and unique blend of chaos and control or oil paint for its rich, deep and compelling qualities. The opposite nature and characteristics of these two mediums are well suited to capturing the variety, vibrance and subtlety of light as it plays a never ending game of hide and seek with the world. Brush strokes and surface textures are softened and blended to create a smooth, seamless image which shows nature both as it is and as it could be, a reflection of nature’s enduring beauty and magic and a record of a world which seems in danger of disappearing.

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