Here are a few folks whose work I think you'll like - I know I do!

Donato Giancola - Donato
Classical realism, epic fantasy and the future, all rolled into one.

Anthony Waters - Think Tank
Concept and finish art that bends the mind.

Todd Lockwood: Todd
Talented, generous, and defining the look of fantasy art for a whole new generation.

John Howe:
High fantasy and historical realism in a beautiful blend.  Not to mention all that Tolkien work we are so grateful for!

Tom Kidd: Spell
If you're not familiar with Tom's work, it's a must see.  Especially his Gnemo project.

Brian Froud: World of
An incredibly talented artist, a gentleman, and one of two artists who's work inspired me to try watercolour in the first place.

Brom: Brom
Yes, it's dark, creepy and all that.  It's also beautiful, creative, and a true joy to look at.

Wild, witchy, and oh so appealing.

Charles Vess: Green Man
A talented artist with the heart of a poet.